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GPRO Technologies line of award-winning products and solutions solves all your demanding textile and apparel manufacturing needs.

Shop floor data collection


Shop floor data collection for lean processes with RFID

G.PRO SDT – RFID lean shopfloor data tracking
Track sewing operations in real time to gain insight on how to improve lean productivity and quality, shorten time to shipping and increase buyer satisfaction.
  • Integrates tracking from Cutting to Finishing
  • Improve production visibility
  • Find top performing lines and operators
  • View shop floor outputs charted in minutes
  • Experience improvements up to 30%
  • Establish catalogue of operator skill database

Integrate unit production system tracking data into your value stream

G.PRO UPS – RFID unit production system tracker
Track sewing operations on an automated unit production system hanger in real time for smooth, speedy efficiency.
  • Simplify data collection on unit production system based lines
  • RFID embedded hangers for automated material hanger tracking
  • Robust — Built for running 24 hours work shifts
  • Flexible — Modular structure can be extended

Improve quality and cut defects

G.PRO QCM – Improve quality, cut defects and rejects
Gain insight into top sewing quality problems, identify sources of defects and rectify them at source, before your buyers do.
  • Uncover quality issues and sources of defects early, before buyers do
  • Establish accountable, responsible quality management on the line
  • Find top defect trends and correct at source

Time analysis


Time, measure, analyze and improve estimates

G.PRO IEES – Time, measure, analyze and improve work estimates
Benchmark shop floor sewing and work motions, set up operator best practices and get predictable, reliable estimates you can trust.
  • Benchmark work and time standards based on MTM-2
  • Collect and improve work estimate accuracy
  • Easier time standards development
  • Store and search motion video analysis
  • Quick search organization wide IE standards



Proactive production scheduling and monitoring

G.PRO PSM – Proactive production scheduling and monitoring
Create, view and monitor production schedules against actuals with customizable rules and alerts, better than a spreadsheet.
  • Schedule forward looking orders on drag and drop planning board
  • See and receive alerts of possible scheduling or capacity limits

GPRO Technologies offers textile and apparel factories around the world shop floor data collection and productivity solutions that revolutionizes work on the shop floor.

Tools for Intelligent Shop Floor Management

Whether you’re balancing a line, scheduling operators, designing operations for a style, monitoring piece rates per line, our products will help you to manage, create and design work better for a responsive, fast shop floor to help you meet your business goals every day.

Integrated, Intuitive

Our products are integrated with a modern unified interface and web-ready architecture. Once you work with one solution from GPRO Technologies, you can leverage your existing knowledge and get started quickly when you get compatible add-on products from GPRO Technologies.