G.PRO IEES – Translating The Language Of Sewing Motions Into Time and Money

Labour Cost and Grading Analysis

Assist merchandizers in quatation building. You can also keep track of your wage level improvement schemes.

Standardize and synchronize technical motion

Increase your sped of analysis on jobs by using pre-defined motion codes.

Create and track detailed work methods

Easy spreadsheet functions that allow you to create step by step methods of working and compare it against previous methods.

Collect and store labour standards

Consolidate and centralize cost labour standards across distributed production centers.

Analyze time standards

Estimate how much time it takes to produce your garment to do better costing. Use a more reliable scientific way of estimating how much time you require to produce a product.

Evaluate and improve the work environment

Workplace layout designs can be attached to operations for IE to perform more accurate motion and allowance analysis. An invaluable tool for your IE Team.

Share data between branches

Centralize your IE activities and distribute them to all your branches. For effective management of Quality, Price and Time control standards.

‘Plan vs Actual’ Analysis

Tight integration with G.PRO Shopfloor Data Tracking (G.PRO SDT) allows you to analyze the effectivenes of your estimates.

Benchmarking of standards

Quality can now be enforced across different factories with proper working method guidance for consistent quality control standards.

Scientific estimation approach

Employ industry tested codes of reference derived from statistical formulas.

Fully integrated with G.PRO SDT

Combine information from G.PRO SDT with industrial engineering precision and expertise to manage your shop floor needs and demands.

Create and track cost estimation

Track your style cost by using our Trend Analyzer.