G.PRO PSM – Proactive Shop Floor Production Scheduling and Monitoring

Daily Capacity Planning

Access to capacity planning with the options between daily line capacity or SAM (Standard Allowable Minutes).

Real Time Reports

Provides comprehensive and timely information which you can print off the web regardless of where you are.

Visual Alert System

Auto alert and warning messages will be sent out to prompt planner of outstanding events and conflicts between plans.

Off Target Plans

To keep you notified, an auto prompt window will show details of each off target plan.

Simulation planning

Planning calculator provides simulation results when planner plans with ‘What If’ scenarios.

Group MO

Gives you the ability to plan multiple MOs with the same date, or MO’s with the same style and close shipping dates.

Improve Communication

Strengthen communication between you and your customers

Personalized Planning

With individual access level controls, each planner can have different versions of plans to save to the local drive until one is confirmed as the master plan.