G.PRO SDT – Real-time Shop Floor Data Collection Advantage For the Textile and Apparel Industry

Eliminate Job Tickets

Eliminates the use of job tickets with our reusable RF SmartTag saves time and money.


Captures payroll data accurately, thus eliminates the needs for manual payroll data input.

Save cost

Saves time and labour costs as well as eliminating computation error. Easy monitoring of overtime claims.

Reporting system

Detailed reporting system that enables you to search on daily or weekly progress, by line, department, factory or order.

Quality control

Online identification of machine operators who commit defects and thereby save rework costs.

Real time information

Data is capture as and when events take place.

Machine Operators Time Management

Operators will clock in and out at their respective sation. This does not only eliminate time wastage of clocking, it also provides a more accurate time calculation and management.

Capacity planning

Uses the reports available to help plan effectively on how to maximize utilization of plant capacity.

Worker skill database

G.PRO SDT can be used to compile a skill database of all operators.

Real time anticipation of bottlenecks

Analyzes production schedules and determines bottlenecks before they occur. Use this to improve plans and scheduled operations.

Online production status

Collects and sums up latest order completion status and provides instant information from all branches.

Production line balancing

Helps achieve productivity gains through quick response to online-detection of bottlenecks.

WIP Tracking

Real time garment end-to-end WIP tracking and reporting on the shop floor from cutting to finishing processes.

Remote branch monitoring

Allows multi-factory monitoring wherever you are and checks up on daily factory output through the internet or over local area networks.

Supports continuous process improvement

For manufacturers adopting Six-Sigma, Lean or other continuos improvement methodologies, SDT generates rapid metrics and tools you need to support money saving improvements.

Build accountable, transparent environments

SDT motivates production, establishing clear communication of individual progress and earnings by RFID readers. You can also project data onto public displays.