G.PRO SDT – Real-time Shop Floor Data Collection Advantage For the Textile and Apparel Industry

Production Tracking

  • Bundle production tracking
  • Unit production tracking with split bundle function
  • Discrete and continuous production tracking.
  • Group effort tracking with maximum 30 employees.
  • User definable lost time type.
  • Individual employee lost time tracking.
  • Group lost time tracking with maximum 30 employees.
  • Under-par production tracking.
  • High speed intelligent terminal polling.
  • Fault-tolerant backup and restoration of transaction data.

Hardware – RFID terminal

  • Employee clocking at entrance & individual workstation.
  • Time Off tracking at entrance & individual workstation.
  • Employee login control.
  • Real time data query via terminal.
  • MO Operation assignment via terminal.
  • Fix Op Assignment via terminal.
  • Operation checking.
  • Bundle matching.
  • Bundle init by cutlot, preinint without cutlot
  • Multi level employee init card
  • Modify bundle quantity
  • Reassign bundle tag.

Shopfloor Management

  • Manage terminals in production group.
  • Check terminal status with terminal diagnostic tool
  • Assign MO & Operations to terminal by group
  • Duplicate operation assignments to terminal.


  • Enquiry for bundle tag and transactions information.
  • Manual entry for non-ticket transactions, lost time transaction.

Graphs & Reports

  • Real time production visual display graphs and views.
  • Comprehensive collection of reports for cutting, production, management.
  • Skill database and reports for IE analysis.
  • Web-enabled report browsing.
  • Multiple report export format including MS Excel, HTML, PDF and etc.

Order Management

  • Manage order components which include SO, MO, Color Size, marker, workstage, Checkpoints, Operations.
  • Manage version of MO Operations (MO Bulletin).
  • Create cut lot with multiple MO.
  • Generate bundles from cut lot layers & marker ratio
  • Manipulate bundles

Style Management

  • Manage style and operation.
  • Import styles and operation analysis from IEES to SDT.

Production Shift Management

  • Create shifts.
  • OT shifts approval to employee.
  • Assign schedule by individual or group.
  • Support audit trail & activity log.
  • Provides security access control at application, component, and function levels
  • Closing transaction and data aggregation.