G.PRO SDT – Real-time Shop Floor Data Collection Advantage For the Textile and Apparel Industry
SDT on the shop floor

SDT on the shop floor

Richer tracking hardware features. You have a selection of customized GPRO hardware tracking components that best suit your needs, while you continue to enjoy GPRO’s reknowned system support and flexibility.

  • SmartTerm Z1
    A RFID based terminal mounted on every workstation to capture job flow data. SMartTerm Z1 is economical and easy to use.
  • SmartTerm Z2
    A RFID based terminal with sophisticated keypad functions to facilititate shop floor operations that require data entry. 
  • SmartTag RF
    An industrial grade reusable read/write RFID tag replacing the traditional job ticket. Stores all relevant cutpiece bundle information and operation status.

Wider selection of initializing machines.  Because initializing tags should be faster and easier.

  • SmartInit TT
    An automated RF device used by the cutting department to download new cutlot information into each SmartTag. Each SmartInit initializes 100 SmartTags at a time.
  • SmartInit ST
    An automated RF device used by the cuting department to download new cut lot information into SmartTag. With its space-saving environmental single -design, SmartInit ST initializes 100 SmartTags at a time.