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Unit Production System

G.PRO UPS – Hanger-based Material Mover For One Piece Shop Floor Production With RFID

UPSIntegrating UPS data into your entire value stream

Economical and space-saving, G.PRO Unit Production System (UPS) is a RFID enabled material handling system for factory lines adopting a unit production workflow instead of the standard bundle-based system. Tracked by GPRO’s robust RFID SDT data tracking engine, you can use G.PRO UPS to provide valuable WIP information from Cutting to Finishing in lean operating environments.

  • Width of 1.8 meteres and line width of 3.2 meters from station to station
  • Capacity of loading weight is up to 50 lbs per hanger
  • Tracks consist of a main track, ‘U’ track, ‘L’ track and ‘T’ seam turnout.
  • Built for running 24 hours work shifts
  • Built with light but strong and durable aluminium alloy tracks
  • A powerful RFID SmartTag on each individual hanger lets you track and update WIP at each station.
  • With a grease free chain bar and slide rail, G.PRO UPS operates smoothly without additional lubrication.
  • Flexible, modular structure can be extended as your needs expand.

 Integrating Unit Production System into your value stream

  UPS Printable Brochure (1.7 MiB)

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