G.PRO UPS – Hanger-based Material Mover For One Piece Shop Floor Production With RFID

Visual Management

Allows you to immediately assess current status of line operations at a glance

Retrieve Misplaced Hanger

Operators can now place the misplaced hangers back at any point of the line.

Customized Alerts

With customized alerts for each monitored line, you can monitor efficiency, quality level and target output

Intelligent Routing

Ability to run multiple styles on the same line

In Line Inspection

In line inspection at anypoint in the production process

Better quality management

Rework garments are transported to the specific operator who created the defect.

Reduced Work In Process

Intelligence in-built within G.PRO UPS ensures that operator will always have sufficent pieces to work on

Line Balancing

Transport material automatically from workstation to workstation

Early detection

Early detection can help eliminate costly mistakes and rework.

Minimizes Human Intervention

Eliminate most of the lifting and handling. Simplifies steps in the prcess without removing the garment from the hanger.