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Solutions designed specifically for textile and apparel manufacturers, from the cutting room to shop floor assembly. Get significant improvements in efficiency. Free up more time. See your shop floor work better. Manage with confidence, every day of the week, with crystal clear visibility. 

Featured solutions


Shop floor data collection
Bundle and unit production systems
RFID based tracking
Shop floor productivity

G.PRO SDT – RFID lean shopfloor data tracking
Track sewing operations in real time to gain insight on how to improve lean productivity and quality, shorten time to shipping and increase buyer satisfaction.
G.PRO QCM – Improve quality, cut defects and rejects
Gain insight into top sewing quality problems, identify sources of defects and rectify them at source, before your buyers do.
G.PRO UPS – RFID unit production system tracker
Track sewing operations on an automated unit production system hanger in real time for smooth, speedy efficiency.

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Work and Time Analysis

Standard work and time
Time and motion study
Video operation, style and element analysis
Industrial engineering

G.PRO IEES – Time, measure, analyze and improve work estimates
Benchmark shop floor sewing and work motions, set up operator best practices and get predictable, reliable estimates you can trust.

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Proactive production scheduling
Alerts and dynamic feedback
Forecasting and scheduling orders
Planned vs actual

G.PRO PSM – Proactive production scheduling and monitoring
Create, view and monitor production schedules against actuals with customizable rules and alerts, better than a spreadsheet.

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Lean Manufacturing

Lean principles have evolved from the Lean Production Philosophy which has its origin in the set of business philosophies developed in post-war Japan known as T.P.S. (Toyota Production System) —which has as its core philosophy cost reduction through elimination of waste (muda – Japanese). Lean manufacturing have become important principles in global apparel manufacturing today.

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Shopfloor Health Check

Do you want a clear cut measurement of your lines efficiency? Do you want to know how much you are paying for loss time in a day? With the shopfloor health check program, we will work with you, train your people, create awareness and show you visually where the oportunities for savings are in your production line.

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