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Spreadsheets and paper printouts are no longer enough in today’s production planning facilities — production planners face the challenge of constantly balancing the buyer’s production needs and the reality on the shop floor. GPRO Technologies offers the apparel industry’s scheduling solution that attempts to bridge this need. GPRO’s scheduling solution lets planners schedule new orders ahead of time, explore progress of existing scheduled orders, review daily targets, and layers it with its shop floor data collection data to give you a forward-looking view of the apparel  shop floor.

Scheduling solution

  • Visual planner — Drag and drop orders on a visual, colorful digital planning board.
  • Schedule resolution — Review possible scheduling conflicts with dynamic visual feedback on overlapping orders or scheduling conflicts.
  • Schedules vs actual — Review planned daily targets against actual available capacity.

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G.PRO PSM – Proactive production scheduling and monitoring
Create, view and monitor production schedules against actuals with customizable rules and alerts, better than a spreadsheet.