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Shop Floor Data Collection

GPRO’s real-time shop floor data collection systems empowers your people with real-time production information that is captured direct from your shop floor. With GPRO, you get unparalleled  up to the hour visibility into the crucial back bone of shop floor production operations, with greater transparency throughout your branch operations.

By designing strategic locations for tags, readers, and tag initializers on the shop floor, you will be able to generate real time data feeds for your data collection system.

Sewing operators can use GPRO’s readers to get by the minute productivity status and earnings, direct from their workstations. Line supervisors get visible production statistics for improved line decision making and reporting. Industrial engineers get by the hour, actual production against planned data.

Customer Success with GPRO's Solutions

From cutting, sewing through to finishing processes, apparel manufacturers,  that use GPRO Technologies to optimize their operations achieve:

  • Gains in operational efficiencies
  • Improvements in operator-line morale
  • Real time information and material supply visibility that improves decision making and reporting in shop floor operations
  • Increased ROI through improved operator and machine utilization
  • Process transparency and visibility

G.PRO’s shop floor data collection and tracking systems consists of

  • RFID Systems
  • Data collection stations
  • Reporting workstations
  • Initializing workstations

You can also consider integrating your GPRO shop floor data collection solutions with our standard work/time analysis solution, so you can take advantage of benchmarking data for seamless and smoother GPRO shop floor production management experience .

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