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Shop Floor Health Check

Shopfloor Health CheckYou cannot improve what you do not measure

You’ve got line production deadlines to meet. Labour costs are rising, high WIP, constant overtime and shrinking margins. But its hard – to transform the way people think and act.

With the Shopfloor Health Check program, we will work with you, train your people, create awareness and show you visiually where the opportunities for savings are in your production line. With our help you’ll learn to analyze the line, prioritize problem areas, and reduce time on non-value added work.

Ultimately you will have a repeatable line inspection process that you can own.

By evaluating our lines the right way, performance has jumped by 20%. We are going to continue doing this regularly.
– Factory Manager, Indonesia.


  • The health check is a 13 day onsite line implementation.
  • We will install, implement, monitor and analyze critical data collected from the line until the final management review is carried out.
  • Your line supervisors will also learn how to plan for and perform health checks on their own.


  • Get a complete evaluation of your current production performance.
  • Prioritize problem areas, for the most effective management of production.
  • Reveal improvement opportunities.
  • Create production awareness.


  Shopfloor Health Check Brochure (427.9 KiB)

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