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SDT Training

Onsite training

Basic/Intermediate hands-on course

During hands-on training course your GPRO instructor will cover the basic/intermediate skills that you need, including:

  • Creating a new tracking order
  • Using SmartTerms
  • Caring for SmartTerms
  • Managing Orders, Cutting and Styles
  • Working with Employee cards and records
  • Initializing, modifying and recycling tags
  • Reports and graphs

Advanced courses

During the advanced courses usually for the GPRO administrator and key IT personnel, topics you will cover include:

  • System administration
  • Configuring workstations
  • Maintaining and archiving data
  • Backup and recovery

Consulting services

Professional consulting services are provided on a case by case basis, that will show you how to derive greater value from your data tracking investment. This includes benchmarking performance, analyzing line performance and how to use SDT data to improve performance.

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How to buy

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