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Shopfloor Data Tracking

G.PRO SDT – Real-time Shop Floor Data Collection Advantage For the Textile and Apparel Industry

G.PRO SDT - RFID shop floor management solutionPuts powerful, real-time shop floor production feedback in your hands

G.PRO Shopfloor Data Tracking (SDT) is a real time shop floor data collection and feedback system designed specifically to meet the production control and management needs of the apparel industry.

First in the industry to integrate RFID, SDT is GPRO’s flagship solution that tracks hundreds of semi-finished apparel pieces, from parts, sub-part assemblies and finished parts, on the floor a minute.

SDT uses GPRO SmartTerm readers and RFID SmartTags that integrates into your shopfloor from Cutting to Finishing.Awards for G.PRO RFID SDT

Constantly voted best product in its category, see why G.PRO SDT with RFID is transforming work in the apparel industry and its made better for apparel manufacturers.

  • Fast — GPRO’s RFID initializing machines writes hundreds of tags an hour unlike other labour-dependent solutions. This easy 3 step initialization, saves busy factories time and money.
  • Real time information — Data is captured when events take place from the Cutting floor to Finishing.
  • Process improvement — Feed real-time production feedback for line health checks and visual process improvement. Experience productivity improvement by up to 30%.
  • Robust — Proven SDT tracking engine handles thousands of transactions per day.
  • Flexible — Switch between bundle or unit production line methods.

  SDT Printable Brochure (921.5 KiB)

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How to buy

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